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Contiki Tour Homepage - European Discovery
12 Days: September 29 - October 10, 2002


(42 of us + Kyle, our tour manager + Reuben, our driver) in 12 days = All-rounded fun Contiki tour together

For 12 days together, we toured all over Western Europe and bonded with each other. We sampled and lived out each of the different country's culture. At the same time, we had a lot of fun being with each other.



Sun. Sept. 29: London to Amsterdam
Mon. Sept. 30: Amsterdam to Rhine Valley, Germany
Tue. Oct. 1: Rhine Valley to Munich and Oktoberfest
Wed. Oct. 2: Munich to Tyrol, Austria
Thu. Oct. 3: Tyrol, Austria to Venice
Fri. Oct. 4: Venice to Rome
Sat. Oct. 5: Rome all day
Sun. Oct. 6: Rome to Florence
Mon. Oct. 7: Florence to Lucerne, Switzerland
Tue. Oct. 8: Lucerne, Switzerland to Paris
Wed. Oct. 9: Paris all day
Thu. Oct. 10: Home stretch from Paris to London

Top 10 Observations of our tour

Tied for 10) The initially tame and conservative us partied extremely hard in the places we were stopping at.
Tied for 10) German autobahns were not as super fast as we initially thought they were.
9) More traffic accidents and traffic jams happened in Italy.
8) All drivers in Paris were insane.
7) Everyone in Oktoberfest knew how to party extremely hard. That means us, other Contiki groups, other tourists, and especially the Bavarian locals.
6) In Oktoberfest, the singing and dancing is more addictive than the beer.
5) We dwelled on the last two words of the Oktoberfest cheers song. Hint: the last word was Kyle.
4) The best food was found in Italy. That includes Gelato. Mmmmm...Gelato.
3) Kyle did the best music special effects in the places we were at. For example, play Heidi in Switzerland, Lone Ranger in the insane Arc de Triomphe roundabout. Even Love Boat when entering the ferry?
2) We had a huge assortment of accommodation that we should issue nicknames to each of them.

Nicknames of our accommodations:

Amsterdam: The Yacht Club
St. Goar, Rhine Valley, Germany: Mom's and Pop's place
Munich: Booneyville
Itter, Tyrol, Austria: Mom's and Pop's guesthouse
Venice: Americanized dwelling
Rome: Eur Suite Hotel, I mean Eur ultra-modern 1-bedroom condominium
Florence: Florentine Breezes
Lucerne, Switzerland: The Swiss Jail, Prison, or Slammer, literally
Paris: Bachelor condominium in Bastille, includes stove and fridge

Appropriate for us to sleep in a condominium for 2 nights in Rome and Paris.

Top 5 ways that we brought some life to our long road trips inside the coach:

Tied for 5) Kyle's history and geography lessons of each country and city, especially those told in a storybook fashion like the story of Romulus and how he established Rome.
Tied for 5) Talk about typical life in our home town/city/country to each other.
Tied for 5) Try out new headwear and to make a huge fashion statement to the entire group.
4) Show currency tricks to each other. For example, happy and sad face on the dollar bill or 7 animals on the toonie.
3) Eventually, it spread to showing our own ID's to each other (e.g. passport, driver's license, work badge, and etc.). One even shared about his/her own family's dubious naming protocols.
2) Showed yesterday's photos and/or videos stored in our camera/video camera.
1) The Ketchup Song and Hey Baby. That includes serenading to other motorists during the Ketchup Song.


England - France - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Austria - Italy - Vatican City - Switzerland