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Tue. Oct. 1 - Contiki Day 3: Rhine Valley to Munich and Oktoberfest


This was big time party day and night for all of us. We headed for Munich, because of Oktoberfest, Germany's and all of Europe's epic party. Only the Carnivale in Rio de Janeiro, New Year's Eve in New York, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans match the grand epic party proportion of Oktoberfest. We were headed for a BIG BIG BIG time party.

Before the fun began, we dropped off our luggage in our hotel. I nicknamed it Booneyville, because right outside of the hotel was all farmland. Before going to Oktoberfest, we went to the Marienplatz. Some of us climbed to the top of the tower at St. Peter's church to get a good view of all of Munich. We got to watch a show at the Glockenspiel. Really, it was a mechanical moving show just like a merry go round with music. It was a story of King Ludwig of Bavaria and the fun life he was having. I thought the show was pretty cute. After the golden chicken came out (not the fat lady singing), we proceeded to Oktoberfest. This was one major reason why I came on this tour.

Oktoberfest was more than just beer tents. There were lots of rides, midway, and an agricultural fair. I noticed that there was a merry go round using live ponies. I was sure that the kids loved it.

Many of my friends and I just stayed in the beer tents. They served beer in one size only: 1 litre stein of beer. The beer tasted so good, because it's so fresh and no other preservatives in it due to the strict Bavarian code of making beer. A 1-litre stein of fresh Bavarian beer costs 7 Euros. We were happily enjoying our beer.

The beer tents were more than just drinking beer. There was a lot of singing and dancing. The oom pah pah band were the stars of the beer tent leading us to sing and dance so much. After every song, we sang the cheers song and said cheers by clanging each other's our beer steins. I thought that the singing and dancing was more addictive than the beer. I sang and danced so much just to burn off the beer inside me. When our familiar Ketchup song and dance came up, I serenaded to the other tables and even forced some German guys to do the hand movements. Man, everybody in Oktoberfest knew how to party extremely hard.

After we left the beer tents, we got so wasted that I probably was the only sane person to lead my fellow friends to the bus. I estimated that my tour group drank at least 100 litres of beer. While the bus took us to the hotel, we sang and danced even more. I even serenaded the other motorists when the ketchup song was played.

Once I arrived at my hotel room, I suffered adverse effects that I slumped to bed right away not able to take off my contact lens for two hours. Definitely, we all got wasted yet had some big time fun.

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