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Fri. Oct. 11 - London and York


This was the start of travelling alone wherever in England without my Contiki friends. It was a little sad that I left my Contiki friends but quite glad that I could implement my custom made trip in England on my own terms. For the next 4 free English breakfasts in the hotel, I had delicious solid meals. Typically, there were scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, plum tomatoes, beans, and even fish. Big time yum yum. The morning started off with a bit more down time then going to the British Museum. It was a huge place with a lot of objects of all historical eras. Highlights were seeing a full size mummy and objects from the Parthenon.

At lunchtime, I had dim sum in London Chinatown. It was all right according to my standards. I possessed one of the most discriminating tastes for Chinese food, because I am one of those Chinese from Toronto who gets the best of the best Chinese food. Toronto was set as a 10 out of 10 standard. I rated my London dim sum experience as 8 out of 10. Pretty good. Good dim sum food, but prices were astronomical. In the London dim sum, the servers pushing the carts did not yell out the name of the food, but either customers asked what's in there or used their grubby fingers to take a peek. In Toronto, servers yell out the name of the food and that is considered hygienic. I was billed 8 pounds and charged for tea, which is almost $20 Canadian. A high end Toronto dim sum bill for one person is maximum $17 Canadian, assuming the customer pigged out.

In the afternoon, I took the train to York in northern England. You see I had the Britrail pass so that I can go train hopping to wherever in England. I went to York Minster and checked out the place. It had Gothic arches and the place was huge. I attended a Choral Service, where the choir led the service. The best part was reciting the Apostle's Creed to reinforce my beliefs. I also walked around the city to check out some historical sites such as the Shambles and Clifford's Tower (c. 12th Century). I had dinner in a high-end tea place. I returned to London for bed.

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