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Sat. Oct. 12 - Salisbury, Stonehenge, and Bath


This was the best day while I was in England. In the morning, I went to Salisbury. I hung around the Gothic type Salisbury Cathedral. It was a huge place with a lot of Gothic arches. The early afternoon was the biggest highlight of the day: Stonehenge. Stonehenge was built way back in the prehistoric times. There was some mystical power to it lining up with the sun and all that. The surrounding farmland was very scenic with all the rolling hills around it.

In the late afternoon, I went to Bath. I checked out the Roman Baths, built like 2000 years ago taking advantage of the geothermal source around it. I even drank some warm mineral-filled spa water.

In the evening, I watched a soccer match on TV with other soccer fanatics in the local pub. It was England's first qualifying match for Euro 2004 Soccer Championships. They played an away match in Slovakia. Watching with people was such a great environment. As soccer fanatics, they made unwholesome comments to their own players and/or referees if things didn't go England's way. England prevailed 2-1 over Slovakia. On TV, there was a near riot in the stands because the police and home fans picked on the English supporters in attendance. British newspapers plastered a lot of pages about the match and also accusing the home fans of chanting racist comments to a couple of black English players. After the match was over, I went back to London for bed.

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