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Wed. Oct. 2 - Contiki Day 4: Munich to Tyrol, Austria


Because all of us got wasted from the night before, we got to sleep in. We left Munich at 10:00 am (late by Contiki standards) and headed for the scenic and mountainous Tyrol, Austria. Because only 10 of us signed up for white water rafting, it got cancelled and so Kyle improvised our route that we got to hang around Innsbruck for a long while.

In Austria, there were many snow-capped mountains and it was a perfect sunny day. First, we went to the Swarovski Crystal World. We enjoyed seeing the gems and crystals all over. In the early afternoon, we hung around Innsbruck. There, we got to see the Hapsburg's palace. You see the House of Hapsburg and the Austrian Empire ruled most of Europe for 700 years from 13th to 20th Centuries. Typically, the Hapsburgs marry the prince/princess of the other countries and you know the rest of the story.

Innsbruck was a pretty scenic town. I got to see the green and clean river running through the city with the snow peaked mountains in the background. Beautiful sight.

In the late afternoon, some of us went bike riding in Hopfgarten, Reuben's winter home and popular ski resort. We had a solid and scenic workout riding our bikes along the river and yes there were snow-capped mountains in the background. After a solid biking workout, we tried out some Austrian beer to cool us down.

We eventually checked into a Mom's and Pop's guesthouse in Itter, a small village on the hillside. This time, our tour group exclusively took over the place and so we bonded with each other even more. We converted their normally quiet bar into our dance floor. The tens of people living in the village sure noticed the full blast music from us. We got to sample Schnapps, the drink that you got to have while in Austria. It tasted really strong.

It was also my mom's birthday on that day. I tried to call her, but the phones didn't work and so I e-mailed her a text-filled birthday card to home.

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