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Thu. Oct. 3 - Contiki Day 5: Tyrol, Austria to Venice


We left Austria and proceeded to Venice. Along the way in Italy, we got to see the Appennine Mountains. Typically, there were vertical cliffs and one looked like the Grand Canyon but not orangey here. I saw apple orchards along the way.

We arrived at Venice in the afternoon. We took the ferry to the city centre where it was flooded with canals. Some said that Venice is sinking and so add another story to the building. We hung around St. Mark's Square, saw the bell tower and the Doge's (Venetian Empire ruler) palace. Some of us fed the pigeons, which was the thing to do in St. Mark's Square. We walked around the city and saw a lot of canals. I also bought Danny's and May's wedding present, which was a Venetian glass vase. You see Venice is a major glassmaking place.

Around sunset, all of us went on a gondola ride, the thing to do in Venice. We went through various canals and we all had wine during our ride. It was a great relief after a gruelling walk all over Venice.

Some of us went to La Valigia Restaurant for a fun-filled Venetian dinner. The dinner was a simple 4 course Italian dinner and no big portions. The highlight of the dinner was the gondoliers singing. They let me wear their hat and I was a gondolier singer wannabe. I gave a long stem rose to Maria. Our table won bragging rights for guzzling down 6 full bottles of wine for dinner.

At dinner and in the bus, Kyle announced that Ray and Angie got engaged. Ray could have proposed to Angie privately in Paris, but they made their engagement a public event for all of us to celebrate. Their engagement happened in St. Mark's Square. What a romantic place. God bless Ray and Angie.

After we did all our activities in Venice, we checked in at Holiday Inn. I nicknamed it the Americanized dwelling, because they gave us facecloths, which were never issued in other European hotels.

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