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Fri. Oct. 4 - Contiki Day 6: Venice to Rome


During the day, we were stuck in the bus going through Italy from Venice to Rome. We first checked in at our hotel called Eur Suites Hotel. Actually, it resembled an ultra-modern 1-bedroom condominium. Putting our keycard in a slot inside our "condo" was the only way to even get the lights on. That's ultra-modern green technology right there to save electricity. Even we got automatic shutters that go up and down our window and storm door with a flick of the switch. Each "condo" had a balcony. While in Rome, we had to take the metro or subway to Rome city centre, because they do not allow coaches to park there. It was a lot of fun riding the metro with the locals.

Once in the city centre, we walked around Rome as a group. We went to the Spanish Steps, Marcus Aurelius monument (referring to Gladiator movie), Trevi Fountain where I threw 3 coins in there (remember 3 Coins in the Fountain from Audrey Hepburn), Pantheon, and Piazza Navona. Artists and street performers hung around Piazza Navona. It was raining a bit while we walked around. Many of us had dinner in a restaurant with an outdoor patio directly on a cobblestone street. The Penne was a bit spicy and tasted so good. Thanks Tiffany for your advertising campaign to get more people with us. Ice cream called Gelato was the softest ice cream I had in my entire life. Mmmm....Gelato. Some of us had a post-dinner drink where there was another fountain right beside us. Finally, we ended our night in Rome by checking out the Colosseum with lights.

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