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Sat. Oct. 5 - Contiki Day 7: Rome all day


We spent the entire day in Rome. Again, we all took the metro heading for Vatican City. Sara and I were first to go into St. Peter Basilica. It was a massive place with a lot of statues, pictures of saints, and inside it was a zoo full of people, yet some prayed inside. Outside was a carnival atmosphere, because they were setting up for the canonization of a Spanish guy, who contributed a lot to the Catholic Church the next day. Then, I went to the Vatican Museum, where there were a lot of Greek and Roman statues and Renaissance paintings. Although really the surface was flat, those artists made it look like 3-dimensional, especially in the Sistene Chapel. That was one great 3-D show without us wearing those special glasses.

At mid-afternoon, we all met at the Colosseum for a tour of the Roman Forum. That was the Rome city centre during its heyday 2000 years ago. We noticed that newer buildings were built on the buildings and so it was a stacked style of new building on top of the oldest building after excavation. We treaded through cobblestone streets. It was a solid workout especially, when climbing an extremely steep hill to go back to the modern city centre of Rome. We passed by city hall where there was a wedding going on. Our walking tour ended at the Victor Emmanuel Monument, which resembled a stacked wedding cake. This monument honours the guy who helped unite several city/regional states to form Italy.

Afterwards, we went about our separate ways. Some went shopping. Gareth and I walked towards the Colosseum so that I can get a decent photo. I passed by Circus Maximus, where they held chariot races. There was not much left of the structure but an open pit where people can run around the track.

Since we had a solid walking workout today, we had dinner in the hotel.

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