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Sun. Oct. 6 - Contiki Day 8: Rome to Florence


Few of our friends stayed behind in Rome for a while to attend the canonization ceremony at the Vatican while we left Rome and proceeded to Florence in Tuscany, Italy. Florence and Tuscany was a pretty place to be in. Tuscany produced the best wine, especially the Chianti Classico wine. Florence had a great artistic character where it was the major place for Renaissance art.

When we first arrived at Florence, we had a group picture at Michelangelo Hill. We got a prime spot with the city and the Duomo behind us. Our group picture for sure brought us good memories of the fun we had together. At the city centre, we walked around the various landmarks. Also, we check out a leather making demonstration. We learned the various techniques to check if we got genuine leather. Personally, I shopped a lot in Florence. I bought a real leather key case, Italian silk ties, and real Chianti Classico wine that is only made right here in Tuscany.

Before dinner, we checked into our hotel located on a hill overlooking the city. It was a hotel where you can open the window shutters and get some Florentine breeze into your room. I nicknamed the place, Florentine Breezes.

In Florence, we had the evening or our entire lives. We had a fun-filled Tuscan dinner at La Certosa somewhere on a Tuscan hillside in Florence. It was a four-course meal where we sang a lot. This was the best of the best Italian dinner we had in our lives. We got antipasti (appetizer), various pastas, entrée, and dessert. The lasagne tasted so good and different from all lasagnes I had in my entire life, because there was not too much tomato sauce. We had various pastas. We sang and danced a lot. Even a diva sang an opera piece too. All Contiki tour groups were the dancing stars of the dinner. My table friends and I sampled the Imperial Drink, which was produced by monks in a nearby monastery. It was 99 proof or 90% alcohol by volume and oh my, it burned our tongues and throats. One of my tour friends bragged that he took 2 shots of it. Could someone prove that? Some of us danced real hard to burn off the effects of wine and Imperial Drink.

After dinner, we went to Space Electronic Discotheque. We danced as a group so that we could burn off the energy we got from the Tuscan dinner. We even taught the whole discotheque how to do the Ketchup dance moves. I noticed that overwhelming majority of the people there were Contiki people.

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