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Mon. Oct. 7 - Contiki Day 9: Florence to Lucerne, Switzerland


After our time in the discotheque, we had very few short hours of sleep to prepare for our gruelling drive to Switzerland. I did some massive sleeping in the bus because I left Space Electronic at 2:00 am dancing off the excess Tuscan Dinner energy. We left Italy and headed for more snow-capped mountains in Switzerland. I saw the leaves changing colour, which reminded me of home at this time of year. In the afternoon, we all went to the top of Mount Stanserhorn near Lucerne. During the ride to the top, we saw a very pretty Lucerne valley with pretty lakes and farmland with of course snow-capped mountains in the background. Once we got to the top, we saw some real snow on the ground and so some of us threw snowballs at each other. I also tried out blowing that long Swiss horn too.

In Lucerne, we hung around the Chapel Wooden Bridge and yes we did some massive shopping. I bought a Swiss Army knife for Doug and got his name engraved on it, a tea towel for my boss, and more Swiss chocolates for my co-workers. Lake Lucerne was so crystal clean that you could see the bottom of the lake.

We stayed in the most dubious accommodation in our entire trip. It was like a fall from grace from Mount Pilatus hotel advertised in our Contiki brochure to a former jail. Yes, we all spent the night in a former Swiss jail, yet it feels like sleeping in a theme park. We had dinner in the mess hall. We ate curry chicken and rice. It tasted so good that I went for seconds. If it were the real jail, the guards would have slapped me around. I had a good night sleep, but one of us freaked out at the place. Was there a ghost of a prisoner haunting the place?

Finally, I got to call home and speak to my dad. Dad just updated me on baseball playoff results. All the best teams got eliminated (good riddance or else boring playoffs), which would make this year's World Series more interesting. Unfortunately, there were no other baseball fans in our tour group.

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