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Tue. Oct. 8 - Contiki Day 10: Lucerne, Switzerland to Paris


We left Lucerne for another gruelling road trip to Paris. Although it was a long road trip, it was not a sterile one. I took out my US dollar cash reserve fund and showed people the happy and sad face on the dollar bill. Then I showed that there are 7 animals on the Canadian toonie or $2 coin. Thanks Cynthia for that toonie prop. It spread to showing each other's ID's such as driver's license, work ID, and even passport. One of us showed off some new headgear fashion to the entire coach. Also it was Sara's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sara.

In the afternoon, we drove around Paris and checked out the various landmarks. Kyle was a trickster. In one of the buildings, he said look for Napoleon's teddy bear and then on our right was the Eiffel Tower. We all went to the top and got spectacular views of all of Paris. We left the lighted Eiffel Tower after sunset and it looked spectacular. Afterwards, Reuben drove the coach to the roundabout around the Arc de Triomphe. Since there were no lane markers there and so the right of way was to charge through. Inevitably, many car accidents happen there. So Kyle played the Lone Ranger song and Reuben did the giddy up gesture. Every driver, including Reuben was insane to venture to that roundabout.

We checked into our hotel in the Bastille area. That was the same area where during the French Revolution, the commoners charged Bastille Prison to free their fellow citizens and political prisoners on July 14, 1789. July 14 is France's independence day and commonly known as Bastille Day. Yes, it was another condo-like suite, but I considered it as a bachelor condo with a stove and fridge. I thought that we stayed in a quiet neighbourhood. As always, we had dinner in a bistro in the Bastille area.

At dinner, I tried out the escargots. This time, I had to make the effort to take the meat out of the shell. It tasted so good especially with the garlic butter. Folks, it was not gross at all. Think of it as eating mussels.

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