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Mon. Sept. 30 - Contiki Day 2: Amsterdam to Rhine Valley, Germany


This morning, we got to hang around the more wholesome Amsterdam. First, we went to Coster Diamonds to check out the diamond cutting demonstration. We were educated on what to look for in a diamond: Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. Afterwards, I went to the Van Gogh Museum to check out his works. Vincent Van Gogh painted with various styles during his lifetime. I enjoyed his works. Many of us went to Anne Francks' place, where during World War II, she hid many Jews from the Nazis. Those who went said that a lot of people were cramming in there.

At the noon hour, we left Amsterdam for the Rhine Valley in Germany. The Rhine Valley was very scenic with a lot of nice trees, pretty farmland, and lavish land barons' castles too. We saw barges going on the Rhine. We stopped over in a small village called St. Goar for a while. We saw the world's largest freestanding cuckoo clock outside a store. We went inside a store selling beer steins. The guy explained how a beer stein was made. I bought a full size beer stein that has Oktoberfest on it. It was a heavyweight item, all right. Then, we did wine tasting in St. Goar's wine cellar. We tried samples from very dry to very sweet. I even tried some German ice wine, because the grapes in Germany get affected by frost and ice just like Canada. I noticed that the German ice wine was fast flowing and not as thick as Canadian ice wine. German ice wine tasted pretty good and I bought a bottle of it, because I will never get German ice wine at home. German ice wine was cheaper than the Canadian ice wine. That's an objective view from a wine connoisseur.

We stayed at a Mom's and Pop's inn at a hillside near St. Goar. It was an intimate place to be in. Also, we celebrated Dallas' birthday after dinner.

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